The HR Division website will be changing to AOM Connect in the coming months and we will have a brand new website! Thank you for your patience as we wind down this website and transition over to our new format.


2019 International Conference

Conference Chair: Brian Harney, Dublin City University Program Chair: David G. Collings, Dublin City...

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HRIC Photo

2016 HR International Conference in Sydney

After the first International Conference of the HR Division of the Academy of Management (HRIC) in B...

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1 Practice page

This is a practice page to get you familiar with all the settings and interfaces.  Our practice sentence is

Welcome to the hrdiv website.

(1) Try to change the hrdiv to HrDiv.

Then click on the preview button on the right. If everything looks on the blue update button..(its like a save button in Word..always click it after previewing changes..or you could save first then preview)

Thats it!..You just did your first edit.

To get back to the editing page, look at the top on the edit page text.

Click on the Text tab at the top of this little editing rectangle. You can see all this in HTML.

(2) Try out the other preview & then publish

(3) Now try out a real page..change a deadline or a text that” ” worded wrong. Or add text to a committee. Or add something to the FAQ page on the site.