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2019 International Conference

Conference Chair: Brian Harney, Dublin City University Program Chair: David G. Collings, Dublin City...

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HRIC Photo

2016 HR International Conference in Sydney

After the first International Conference of the HR Division of the Academy of Management (HRIC) in B...

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Sponsorship Opportunities

  • HR Division Sponsorship

General sponsorship of the HR division can be at any level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Specific sponsorship can be an event sponsorship or an award sponsorship. It can be sole sponsorship or a shared one (available at different levels).

  • Event Sponsorship: 

For sole sponsorship, a sponsor agrees to cover the full cost of the event (estimates based on previous year’s costs will be provided). Shared event sponsorship is available at the following levels:

 Platinum Level 

HR Division Reception (250 attendees)

Ice Cream Social (250 attendees)

Doctoral Consortium (40 students and 30 presenters)

Junior Faculty Consortium (30 faculty and 20 presenters)

 Silver Level 

Doctoral Consortium Dinner (45 attendees)

Junior Faculty Consortium Dinner (35 attendees)

Other events (levels vary):

Sponsors may provide a refreshment break or lunch for a particular Professional Development Workshop


  • Award Sponsorship :

Sponsors agree to cover the full cost of the award, and are encouraged to cover the cost of the plaque for the award winner(s). We estimate 125 attendees at the awards ceremony.

 Gold Level

Distinguished Human Resource Executive Award
Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award
Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award

Silver Level

Early Career Achievement Award
Scholarly Achievement Award
International HRM Scholarly Research Award
Innovative Teaching Award
Ralph Alexander Best Dissertation Award
Best Convention Paper
Best Student Convention Paper


Estimated attendees in parentheses
Benefits Bronze
Size and prestige of the event/award (see sample events/awards list)  √  √  √
Recognition on the HR Division website
from August 1 – July 31 (Sponsor provides logos and URLs)
 √  √  √  √
Recognition by level on a PowerPoint slide at workshop and
paper sessions sponsored primarily by the HR Division
 √  √  √  √
Recognition from the podium at the sponsored event  √  √  √  √
Recognition by level in the HR Division Fall Newsletter  √  √  √  √
Recognition by level in the slide show shown at the Ice Cream Social  √  √  √  √
Recognition by level at the HR Division Business Meeting  √  √  √  √
Right of first refusal for next year’s event (confirmation due within
5 months after sponsored event)
  √   √   √   √
Recognition by level in slides at the Welcome and Award Ceremony   √   √   √
Recognition by level in the Welcome and Awards Program Brochure   √   √   √
Opportunity to distribute materials at the sponsored event   √   √   √
Opportunity to provide signage at the event (Sponsors provide their own signage)   √   √
Opportunity to address participants at the event (when feasible)   √
Mailing list of event participants (when feasible)   √