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2019 International Conference

Conference Chair: Brian Harney, Dublin City University Program Chair: David G. Collings, Dublin City...

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HRIC Photo

2016 HR International Conference in Sydney

After the first International Conference of the HR Division of the Academy of Management (HRIC) in B...

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The HR Division serves as a gathering place for academics and pracitioners to engage in conducting and sharing state-of-the-art HR-related research. The Division sponsors “HRDIV_NET” which is an e-mail list service (listserv) devoted to allowing division members to share information or ask for input regarding research and/or teaching on HR-related topics.

1. Subscribing to HRDIV_NET:

Members can subscribe to HRDIV_NET, by sending an email to The body of the message should contain only the following one-line command:

ADD HRDIV_NET emailaddress firstname lastname

(Insert your own email address, first name and last name in the command, where shown)

2. Posting a Message to HRDIV_NET:


To post a message to HRDIV_NET, send an email to HRDIV_NET@LISTSERV.NEU.EDU


The list is managed by Mark Huselid ( subscribe to other e-mail lists hosted by the Academy of Management, go here.