2019 International Conference

Conference Chair: Brian Harney, Dublin City University Program Chair: David G. Collings, Dublin City...

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Travel Ban Survey Results

The HR division has a large and diverse membership. For example, the HR Division currently has 80 am...

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HRIC Photo

2016 HR International Conference in Sydney

After the first International Conference of the HR Division of the Academy of Management (HRIC) in B...

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The HR Division elects five Officers and twelve Executive Committee members who serve as the governing board of the Division. Officers are elected by the membership and serve successive one year terms as (a) Program Chair-Elect, (b) Program Chair, (c) Division Chair-Elect, (d) Division Chair, and (e) Past Division Chair: It merits noting that the treasurer, knowledge manager, newsletter editors, and webmaster are appointed from the membership and serve as ex-officio members of the Executive Committee. If you would like to contact an Officer or Executive Committee Member, their addresses are listed below next to their names.


Executive Committee Members

Derek Avery
David Collings
Phil Roth
Karin Sanders
Corine Boon
Steve Courtright
Dana Minbaeva
Rebecca Kehoe
Michal Biron
Allison Gabriel
Kaifeng Jiang
Bard Kuvaas

Departing Members

Tim Gardner
Denise Potosky
Janet Marler


Nominations Chair: Maria Kraimer
Scholarly Program Chair: Chris Rosen
PDW Program Chair: Anthony Nyberg
Late-Stage Doctoral Student Consortium: Karin Sanders (Co-Chair)
Steve Courtright (Co-Chair)
Bard Kuvaas
Jr. Faculty Consortium: Phil Roth (Chair)
Derek Avery
Michal Biron
Julie Hancock
Middle-Stage Doctoral Student consortium: Corine Boon (Chair)
Becky Paluch, student rep
Kang Yang (Trevor) Yu
Awards: Rebecca Kehoe (Chair)
David Collings
Kaifeng Jiang
Eric Yochum (’18), student rep (
Membership and Communications:



Knowledge Manager:


HR DivNet:


Meeting Hospitality:


Social Media:



International Member Relations:

Karin Sanders (Chair)
Bard Kuvaas
Elena Maniatopoulou Hadjipanayi
Dongyuan Wu


David Lepak

Demetria Henderson (

Patrick Downes (

Mark Huselid (


Corine Boon (co-chair)
Allison Gabriel (co-chair)


Emilija Djurdjevic
Samantha Conroy


Liza Castro Christiansen (Chair)

Finance: Treasurer
 Sponsorship Committee:
Jenna Pieper (
Rebecca Thacker ( (Chair)
Derek Avery
Maria Kraimer (consulting member)



Dana Minbaeva (’19) (
Michal Biron (
David Collings (’18) (

Michal Biron ( (Chair)

Dana Minbaeva (’19) (


Liza Castro Christiansen (Chair)

Teaching:  Steve Courtright (’19) ( (Chair)
Rebecca Kehoe (’19) (
Phil Roth (’18) (
Practice Liaison: Dana Minbaeva (Chair)
Allison Gabriel
Kaifeng Jiang
Karin King (